Piano Tuning:

The primary reason why the piano goes out of tune is because of the changes in temperature & humidity which makes the soundboard, the bridge and the strings expand and contract so consequently the strings will change pitch. Even if a piano is not played, it will go out of tune.

The pianos ideally should be tuned twice a year; about a month after the heat has been turned on, or off.

£95 which includes any minor repair.

Pitch Raising:

If the piano is more than slightly “flat” (below 440 pitch), it will probably need a pitch raise.

That will leave the piano approximately in tune, however after settling down it needs a fine tuning. The pitch raise may be done in more than one visit.

From £130

Piano Service & Repair:

Your piano is made of more than 10000 pieces. Maintaining your piano will keep them moving as smoothly, correctly and as quietly as possible. Adjusting sluggish keys, squeaky pedals, broken strings and uneven touch are also part of the service.


Regulating is about adjusting the action, so it responds sensitively to the player. Beginners can build a different relationship with the instrument if it`s well regulated. Professionals often require a certain touch, in order to help them perform at their best.


If a piano sounds too bright, or simply uneven, voicing is the adjustment, which can help with the piano’s tone or quality of sound.

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